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APC RBC105 replacement battery

  • £83.33
  • ByAPC
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  • Protects you from data loss
  • Automatic voltage regulator for Boost & Buck
  • Auto restart while AC recovery
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APC RBC105 comprises of 8 x 12V 7ah batteries. 2 year warranty.

Product Details

MakBat Europe MB12-7

Valve regulated, sealed lead acid maintenance-free batteries.

Five year design life.
Heavy duty lead calcium alloy grids.
12V 7ah
Incorporates a pressure safety valve.
Use in any orientation except inverted.
Designed for float or stand-by use.

Typical applications: UPS, Emergency lighting, Fire & Security Alarms, electric toys, torches.


These batteries should be charged with a constant voltage charger at 2.3 V per cell standby and 2.5 V per cell with a current limit of 0.25 x capacity (Ah) for cyclic applications (max 20 hour charging).

Dimensions: 151mm L, 65mm W, 97.5mm H, 2.65Kg's

Terminal type: FAST-ON 6.35MM/0.25” (F2 TYPE)


Compatible with the following APC UPS:

  • SmartUPS SUA2200RMXL3U
    SmartUPS SUA2200RMWLI3U
    SmartUPS SUA3000RMXL3U
    SmartUPS SUA3000RMXLI3U
    SmartUPS SUA48RMXLBP3U (2 kits)


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